People reaching people through the power of God's love. 

our Family

We firmly believe God has a wonderful plan for Shores Baptist Worship Center.  We need to be determined, devoted and disciplined in order to reach this goal.  God has truly kept His promise that "He will never forsake us, nor leave us alone".  We must hold fast to what is good, adapt to changing times and be faithful to the Lord, Jesus Christ". 

Rev. Harold N. Garner

Our Pastor

"People reaching people through the power of God's love"

Food Pantry

The Shores Baptist Worship Center is committed to helping  our community .  If you would like to donate to our food pantry or if you are in need of assistance  please connect with us today!   Get Connected

  1. 1978 - Shores Baptist Worship Center was founded by the Marion Baptist Association, as First Baptist Church of Ocala.
  2. 1998 - The church experienced rapid growth and began groundbreaking of the new sanctuary.
  3. 2003 - The church name was changed to Shores Baptist Worship Center. 
  4. 2005 - Reverend Harold N. Garner was selected as Pastor.


Wednesday Bible Study 6:00 p.m.

Sunday School 9:30 a.m.

Sunday Worship Service 10:30a.m.

Sunday Discipleship Training  TBA

Church History

 Pastor Garner